Dog Day School

Can someone else train your dog for you? We don’t think so… at least not based on science-based studies and information. Will someone else let you pay them to train your dog? Absolutely! However, at Bed and Biscuit Austin we believe in and promote people-centered training. Despite what some others may tell you, for your dog’s behavior to truly be modified on a long-term basis, you need to be involved and you need to be trained, not just your dog. For that reason, we do not offer board and train or daycare and train programs. However, we can help with repetition!

Practice, Practice, Practice…

As a supplement to our daycare program, your dog may participate in our Day School program. Typically, Day School is done in combination with an appropriate Training or Behavior Consulting Program offered at Bed and Biscuit Austin.

Day School offers extra repetition and reinforcement of Training or Behavior Exercises that coincide with what you are already working on with your dog. All of our Training and Behavior services are owner-centered and require consistent owner participation. However, the extra repetition and reinforcement provided by our staff during Day School will help to refine your dog’s skills more quickly.

Participating in Dog Day School will also provide our staff members with complete knowledge of the commands your dog knows and responds to so their home and “school” environments and communication will always be consistent. Consistency offers even more stability and comfort for the dog as well as continued reinforcement of what they already know or are learning.