Austin Pet Laws You Should Know

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When you own a pet, you’ll find that different towns and cities have different laws regarding pet care and ownership. Here are some of the Austin pet laws that you should know about if you have a dog, cat, or other animal.

Austin’s Leash Law

Did you know that all dogs in Austin are required to be on a leash or lead at all times when out in public? The person who holds the dog must keep it under control and restrained. This helps to keep all people and dogs safe.

There is an exception to this rule: If you and your dog are in a public area where dog restraint is not required, then your dog doesn’t have to be on a leash. This applies to areas such as an off-leash dog park. Once you leave the area the leash law will apply again, so be sure that you always have a leash with you when you and your dog are out in public.

Fencing and Tethering

In Austin, dog owners may not leave their dogs alone on a chain or a tether. This means that you can’t rely on a chain or tether to keep your dog safely in your own yard; if you’re going to leave your dog outside, you must fence in your yard.

Fencing in a yard can be expensive, and that’s why Austin Animal Protection has a fencing assistance program. Dog owners who currently rely on a tether can apply to the program to receive assistance in fencing in their yards. You can also donate fencing materials to the program so that they’ll get to dog owners in need.

Trading Pets

If you sell pets in Austin, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re very familiar with Austin’s pet trader regulations. Austin prohibits the retail sale of puppies, kittens, dogs, or cats from any location except where the animals were bred.

If a person sells a cat or a dog in Austin, then you need to have the pet micro-chipped. You’ll also have to provide the Austin Consumer Information form. And if the pet hasn’t been spayed or neutered, you will need to pay the city a $50 fee.

Want to learn more about the Austin pet laws? This website has additional information. If you have additional questions, consider calling Austin Animal Protection to get specific answers for your situation.

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