Dog Friendly MLK Day Events in Austin

On January 16th, Austin joins the nation in commemorating the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK), arguably the greatest civil rights’ leader in history. Many supporters looking forward to participating in the celebrations are dog owners. Thus beckons the question, “what are the dog friendly MLK Day events in Austin?” After confirming with Carol Wright of MLK, I am excited to inform you that dogs are welcome at all the outdoor events of the day! There are a few common sense rules, however;

  • Dogs MUST be leashed at all times

  • Dogs MUST remain in outdoor areas only, unless otherwise posted

  • Dogs MUST be under control of their owner at all times

  • Dogs MUST be friendly and well behaved

  • Dogs MUST be vaccinated

The celebration starts at 9 am at the MLK Statue located on the University of Texas campus, followed by a long march estimated to be just shy of two miles. The march comes to its final destination at the Huston-Tillotson University, and the celebrating gets underway including local musicians, vendors and food that lasts until 3 pm. For detailed information, including march  routes, donations, how vendors can participate and more; please go to

With the all the excitement of knowing you can bring your furry four-legged best friend, there are a few important things you will want to remember before rushing out the door in anticipation.

⁓ Dogs must be securely collared and leashed! ⁓

We suggest using a school backpack to pack these items for your pup.

  1. Nylon travel dog water and food bowl, which can be picked up at your local pet store

  2. Several bottles of water and save them to refill along the way

  3. Dry kibbles in a sealed zip lock bag

  4. Dog treats to reward good behavior

  5. Poop disposal bags or plastic grocery shopping bags

  6. Wet wipes

  7. Copy of emergency contacts including your veterinarian contact

  8. A spare leash

  9. A spare collar

  10. First aid kit

⁓ Please consult with your veterinarian before participating if your dog is elderly, or suffering from health issues including joint/bone, respiratory, obesity or other potential health concerning ailments. ⁓

We want your entire family – 2 and 4 legged alike – to enjoy all the day has to offer as we remember this great leader. Many dogs handle large noisy crowds with grace and confidence, while others can become anxious, frightened or nippy when put into these situations. Some dogs with anxieties can be worked with to overcome their nervousness. If your Fluffy is a nervous wreck in loud crowded environments or you’re not sure how he will respond, then we strongly suggest you refrain from bringing them along. Likewise, small toy dogs might find the surroundings overwhelming and pose a danger to their tiny paws and bodies getting lost under the unsuspecting feet of patrons. For their safety and well being, please consider leaving them in the care of a licensed doggy day care, with a responsible family member or at home with plenty of fresh food, water and comfortable refuge.

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