A Guide to Austin’s Best Dog Parks and Trails

austin_dog_parksDid you know that according to the Austin Business Journal, Austin ranks No. 3 in the top dog-friendly cities? If you take a walk around many of the city’s popular outdoor haunts, you are guaranteed to see dog lovers everywhere – hike-and-bike trails, parks, swimming holes and even in certain restaurants where pups are allowed on the patio. Check out some of the Bed and Biscuit Austin team’s favorite local parks and trails below!

  1. Zilker Botanical Gardens – Dogs are welcome on leash at this beautiful 30-acre park. The gorgeous grounds are scattered with streams, waterfalls, flowers and koi-filled ponds.

  2. Zilker Park Boat Rentals – Provided that you bring a doggie life jacket or have a dog that knows how to swim, this locally owned business is a great place to rent a canoe and enjoy Lady Bird Lake with your pup.

  3. Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake) – This fun and beautiful hike-and-bike trail can entertain you and your dog for hours. Not only will you both get some exercise, but you can enjoy the scenery. There is even an off-leash park located on the trail, where dogs are free to roam and play in the lake.

  4. Red Bud Isle – This dog-friendly area has water galore, surrounded by the lake on three sides. It’s a great place for dogs to explore, swim and socialize.

  5. Walnut Creek Park – This off-leash park boasts a fun hike through beautiful landscapes, with a creek where dogs can cool off and play.

  6. West Austin Dog Park – Another off-leash area that is great for both dogs and their owners alike, your pet can get some much-needed social time while you bond with other owners over your furry friends.

  7. Emma Long Metropolitan Park – This beautiful off-leash trail has stunning views of Lake Austin. However, there are certain areas where dogs have to be leashed. Just follow the signs posted around the park.

  8. Barton Creek Greenbelt Preserve  – This is an on-leash park that has plenty of hiking trails near the water.

  9. Northtown Park & Disc Golf Course – Most disc golf courses allow dogs to tag along, which is an awesome bonding experience for both you and your pup. This one in particular not only has 18 holes but also an off-leash dog park attached, which has two sides – a small dog side for all of our height-challenged friends, and a large dog side. Both sides have some outdoor agility equipment, such as dog-walks. Make sure to check this out!

  10. Brushy Creek Sports Park – This is another fun disc golf course, but only has 9 holes. A beautiful recreational park, it doesn’t just have disc golf, but also a skate park, baseball fields and soccer fields.

Remember that with any park or hiking trail, the key to keeping these dog-friendly places dog friendly is making sure we act as responsible pet owners. This includes doing things like picking up after our pets and putting them on a leash when necessary. Always bring fresh water for your dog and yourself to rehydrate, bags to pick up waste and some treats to keep your pet focused. Keep a close eye on your dog to make sure they are using their manners with other dogs and people. If they get too rambunctious or have a tendency to wander too far away, keep them on-leash when needed.

If you’re interested in some local bars and restaurants that are patio pup-friendly, see our article on SXSW bars and venues where dogs are welcome.

Original Source: https://www.bedandbiscuitaustin.com/austin-news-and-events/guide-austins-best-dog-parks-trails

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