Bring Your Dog to Work Without a Hitch

office_dogHave you ever wished that your dog could go along with you to work? Well, you and your dog are in luck – June 20th is Bring Your Dog to Work Day! But before you make plans to take your dog along with you, make sure that he is ready for the adventure.

Consider Your Job

Think about your dog’s safety when you decide whether or not to bring him to work with you. Where do you work, and what is the environment like? If you have your own office, you may be able to easily have your dog accompany you. However, if you work in a building with an open floor plan, or if you travel and change locations frequently throughout the course of the day, bringing your dog with you can become complicated.

You will also need to find out whether your company observes and welcomes staff bringing their dogs to work for the occasion. Some companies may not participate in such events. For instance, grocery stores are unlikely to invite dogs into the stores because of health regulations. For other professions, like construction workers or hospital doctors, bringing a dog to work would be impractical and potentially dangerous. Be sure to find out whether your company is welcoming dogs on June 20th ahead of time, and also ask about any particular requirements that may be enforced.

Consider Your Dog

Whether or not you decide to bring your dog to work will also depend on your dog’s temperament. If your dog is easily excitable, high-strung and worried when put into new situations, then it might be best to leave him at home. Remember that other coworkers might also bring their dogs to work, so your dog will need to be able to interact with other dogs safely. While training and socialization can certainly help develop your dog’s comfort in meeting new people and other dogs, bringing him to work for a full day is not the way that you want to test his tolerance.

Plan Accordingly

Having a successful Bring Your Dog to Work Day will partially depend on your planning. You will need to bring supplies to keep your dog comfortable. If your dog is crate-trained, consider bringing along his crate to give him a “safe” space that is all his own. You might also want to bring his dog bed, and certainly take some toys to keep him entertained. For a list of the other basic necessities that you will want to have with you, see the Dog Outing Essentials section of our blog post.

Bringing your dog to work can be a fun experience, but make sure that you and your dog are ready for it. If you are, then have a great time introducing your pride and joy to your coworkers!

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