How to Build a Relationship with Your Dog Through Training

We all want to have great relationships with our dogs – after all, we spend a lot of our lives in their company. But if you’re looking to strengthen and build your relationship with your dog, there’s one way to do so that you’ve probably overlooked. What is it? Training.

dog trainingTraining your dog is an excellent relationship builder, but it probably doesn’t seem like that at first glance. Training demands that you be firm and assertive with your dog, and some owners may interpret that as being unloving and even unkind. Thankfully, that’s not so. When you train your dog, you are establishing yourself as the pack leader. Because of your dog’s natural instinct, he will actually be comfortable knowing that you are the pack leader, since it means that he will not have to take up the position himself.

Dog training is built on repetition and consistency. If you just train your dog for a few minutes each week, you won’t see great results. But if you make it a point of working with your dog every day, you will soon see the rewards of your work. Good training necessitates that you spend time with your dog each day, and it gives you both an activity to work on together. This time spent with your dog serves to develop your relationship.

Spending extra time with your dog has another benefit, too: You and your dog will learn more about each other. When you train your dog, you will grow more aware of his body language and natural habits. Your dog will learn the same about you, and will be better able to read and understand you. This improved understanding can go a long way in your relationship with your dog.

Additionally, in training your dog, both of you work towards a goal. When you ultimately achieve that goal, you are both rewarded for your hard work. By making training a positive and enjoyable activity for your dog, you are teaching him to both respect and obey you. Training can help to develop trust, and best of all, there are always new commands and behaviors that you can train your dog with so your time in training does not have to be limited.

If you plan on working with a professional trainer to have your dog trained, it is important that you remain a central and active part of the training. Bed and Biscuit Austin’s approach to training is owner-centric, so that the training builds on your relationship with your dog. Rather than learning to obey a trainer, your dog is learning from you, while you learn about how your dog thinks and how his behaviors are molded.

Training is a rewarding and fun way to develop your relationship with your dog.


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