Dogs Versus Leaf Piles: The Best Thing About Fall

A happy Bernese mountain dog outdoors

There’s just something about the Fall season that brings out the playfulness in all of us. Dogs are no exception to the rule.The landscape is blanketed with beautiful shades of orange, reds, yellows, and browns with a splash of green. The air is so crisp, clean, refreshing and cool. Pour it altogether with a fresh pile of raked crunchy leaves and you have an instant frisky puppy party!

The “Pooch Scootin’ Boogie” Brass Tacks

What is it about the Fall cool air that lights up that skip in your dog’s step? There are several reasons, actually. Cooler weather means less overheating – the pavement doesn’t get so hot on their paws – and less allergies. There are lots of different smells, with plenty of enticing little critters scurrying around stocking up for the winter. They are just so darn irresistible to chase! While in Fall the outdoors appears to be gloomier and hibernating to us, it is actually very much alive! In fact, if you were a dog, what is NOT to love about that wonderful, fun and exhilarating cool air?

The “Leaf Crazed” Look

Every fall you work tirelessly to rake up every leaf in nice, neat piles. Then you look up just in time to see in slow motion, your dog racing toward your leaf pile with that “ Leaf Crazed”  look in their eyes. Clearly, they’re under the spell of fun-loving craziness that only Fall can bring. At that very instant you know there’s no stopping this loving pooch from utterly decimating your pile. They dive, pounce, roll, eat, and toss the leaves into the air. It is as if they were shouting, “yippee”! Add a stick or a ball to the intoxicating brew, and you have untamed fun like you’ve never seen before.

The Smelly Surprises

Of course, there are slight unforeseen drawbacks to all this Fall fun. After a playful romp in the crispy and fluffy Fall leaf pile, you both come inside exhausted from play and exhaustion. Suddenly, the aroma hits you. “WHAT is that smell?” Ah, yes! Those of you that have experienced it know it all too well. It’s rotten and foul stench sends your nose reeling. At this point, a skunk would smell better. Unknown to you, beneath those glorious leaves were hideous treasures like “tootsie rolls” that you couldn’t find on your last scooping tour. Or, worse yet, that deceased critter that you didn’t see. Now it’s off to the groomer for a much-needed bath!

The Leafy Mystery

No one really knows why dogs love the enticing leaf pile. It’s just one of life’s great mysteries. Personally, I think it’s life’s way of engaging us into laughter and fun with our dogs in the face of a new season. Fall leaf piles and cool weather? Bring it on! It’s sheer fun to our canine friends.The playful and pouncing pups simply warm us with the laughter and smiles. They’re the best thing about Fall. And, it’s just what the doctor ordered!

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