Potty and Play: Why Daycare Helps With Your Dog’s Housebreaking

Dogs of all ages are constantly learning. Being pack animals by nature, they pick up on cues from the members of their pack to see how they should behave. While the training they receive from their pack leader (You, the pet parent!) should be their primary source of information, dogs also pick up behavioral cues from their doggie peers. By letting your dog use his or her natural instincts, your dog can learn from his peers at doggie day care that outside is the place to go-potty!

With a busy schedule for pet parents, doggie day care can be a lifesaver. Your dog gets adequate playtime, letting your dog expend some of that never-ending energy. A tired dog is a happy dog, and a more behaved dog! A dog who has had time to romp and play will have better focus when it comes to both obedience training and housebreaking alike.


When it comes to doggie day care, Austin is a great place to live. With such a dog friendly city with such busy people, your dog is sure to have many dog friends to play with! At Bed and Biscuit Austin, your dog will be able to learn social cues from other dogs and also learn that their doggie peers are pottying outside. Dogs instinctively relieve themselves where it has happened before. When your dog is at doggie day care, he will sniff around for somewhere to go potty while he is outside running and playing. He will associate going potty outside with happy connotations, and get used to relieving himself outside, making it easier for him to learn to go outside at home, too!

Utilizing the wonderful opportunity of doggie day care not only helps to teach your dog that outside is where he should go potty, it helps alleviate some of the stresses related to housebreaking for the pet parents. After a long and stressful day at work, rather than coming home to a mess, you can pick up your happy and tired pup who has not had the opportunity to go potty inside your house!

It is also beneficial to a dog who may not be adjusting entirely to a potty schedule yet. Even if you crate your dog while you are at work, he may end up having an accident in his crate-and dogs hate to go potty in their ‘dens’. Leaving a dog struggling with housebreaking in his crate all day can set his housebreaking back unnecessarily.

Using the doggie day care services at Bed and Biscuit Austin prevents your dog from being stuck alone in his crate all day, encourages him to go potty outside, and gives him a chance to play while you are hard at work, knowing that your dog is safe, happy and well cared for. It is a win-win situation for pets and parents alike! After his play day at doggie day care, you can spend a leisurely evening together, but don’t forget your furry friend’s evening potty breaks!

Original Source: https://www.bedandbiscuitaustin.com/dog-behavior-training/potty-and-play-why-daycare-helps-with-your-dogs-housebreaking

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