Practice Makes Perfect! Your Dog’s Learning Doesn’t Stop after School!

If you have taken the leap into dog training classes, you have taken the steps in the right direction for lifelong learning for your dog! Training in the classroom, however, is only the foundation of your dog’s training, and must be taken beyond your dog’s training class in order to be effective, as your dog will need to know that his obedience training doesn’t just pertain to class-his training applies everywhere!

By practicing your dog’s training in different situations outside of his dog training class, he will retain the training knowledge quicker and learn to obey commands when you give them outside of the classroom.


There are a multitude of ways to practice your dog’s training outside of his classroom, starting with practicing at home. You can have your dog practice his ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ while waiting for his food at mealtimes, as well as during a play session. You can insert training commands at random, while he is walking through the kitchen, while he is chewing on his favorite bone, or while he is greeting visitors at the door. If you remain consistent with his training while implementing your dog’s training at home, you can prepare him for proper manners outside the home.

When you feel like your dog has mastered his obedience inside your home, you can take steps to practice his training outside of the home. A small step to take is using the training on short walks while your dog is stimulated by different things in his environment. Being consistent with obedience training is a must! Faltering at all will lead to confusion and your dog’s training will regress. Insist that your dog obey his training commands. Your dog will want to investigate new sights and smells on his walk, which is normal and instinctual behavior; inserting commands during your walk such as ‘wait’ and ‘sit’ will show him that he must behave as much outside your home as inside your home.

When your dog has learned what behaviors you require of him on short walks, you may be ready to practice your training on outings with your dog. Trips to the park or to a visits to a friend’s house can be great opportunities to practice training. By increasing the stimulus in your dog’s environment and remaining consistent, your dog will continue to adapt to his training.

Your dog’s trust in you as his pack leader will progress further as he learns that the same rules apply everywhere you take your dog. Dogs rely heavily on trust, and by remaining consistent with your dog will help you to gain his trust; he wants to know that you are strong as the pack leader.

At Bed and Biscuit Austin, we know the importance of practicing your dog’s training outside of the classroom. Our owner-centric training programs supply you with the tools you need to successfully train your dog so that your dog will learn both inside of the classroom and out!

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