Dog Boarding- What Do They Do All Day

It’s no secret that our dogs worship the ground we walk on. Those adorable mutts pull at our heart strings and frequently go everywhere we do. But sometimes as with our children, they simply can’t go everywhere we go or, unexpected extenuating circumstances come up. Thus, they require a temporary place to call home like a boarding kennel or doggy day care. Dog boarding often brings into question a multitude of concerns; the care they receive, cleanliness of the facility, knowledge, and astuteness of the staff, our pet’s special needs, along with their health and potty needs. As we slowly drive away feeling like we have just left a piece of our hearts behind, we always ask ourselves these questions as well as,“ what do they do all day?”

The Bare Necessities

Providing things like; immaculate kennels, fresh food and water in clean bowls, extra comfy bedding, necessary medications and multiple full body health inspections, exercise and potty breaks are vital to our pets and should never be considered an “amenity” by any boarding kennel. A reputable boarding facility provides a highly trained staff with a keen eye to canine body language and signals that will alert them to guests with a wide array behavior indicators from the “pee-pee dance and the poo-poo cha-cha” to the special needs of a dog with disabilities. Anxiety disorders are no exception to the rule.

Activities and Exercise

An ideal stay at a boarding kennel for your Muttley should be like a day at the spa for us. Their needs should be met as well as some posh pampering and cuddle time. Additionally, our canine friends are able to romp and roll in the lush k9grass, or even lazily bask in the sun of the fresh outdoor air. Playtime and exercise with other dogs in small groups with toys help keep up with their socialization skills as they get their wiggles out. It’s important to note some dogs play well with others, and some don’t. In these cases, individual attention to socialize and exercise is provided. Rest assured, they won’t be the lone dog out. Significant time out to stretch and be a dog should be healthy stimulation, but never over-stimulating to the point of fatigue.

Special Needs and Disabilities

Dogs, as well as people, require stimulation even if they are “special needs.” Often times these dogs will require special attention tailored to their circumstance and will be afforded the spa treatment as well. These cases will range from physical or psychological impairments, injuries or illnesses, to hypersensitivities including noise, other animals or humans. Many dogs young and old, abused and neglected, or even in perfect homes with perfect backgrounds and training can fit into the special needs care criteria. A well-trained staff can assess their needs and coordinate a special plan of care, socialization and playtime accordingly. This can include but are not limited to; privacy panels, soundproof quiet rooms, additional potty breaks, administration of prescribed medication, Thundershirts® and Kongs®.

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