How to Feel Better About Putting Your Dog in Boarding

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Your dog is a family member, and you have vowed to keep him safe and happy for life. We get it, and we also understand that it can be difficult to put your dog into boarding for the first time. Sometimes, boarding your dog is necessary and is the best decision for everyone involved, but you may still be feeling guilty or anxious about the situation. That’s okay – here are some tips to help you feel better about putting your dog in boarding.

Thoroughly Research the Boarding Facility

One way to ease your mind about leaving your dog is to do your research in order to find the very best boarding facility that you can. Start researching dog boarding facilities well ahead of time, and find out about the services offered, the staff’s experience, and how emergencies are handled. Take a tour of each facility to see where your dog would be staying. When you know that you’ve done your research to find the very best place for your dog, you can rest assured that your dog is in the best hands.

Spend an Occasional Night Away From Your Dog

We know, spending a night away from your dog isn’t appealing. You like knowing that your dog is safe and sound in your home each night. But if you’re planning to board your dog for a few nights or more, it may be a good idea to start spending a night or two away from your dog. Particularly if you’ve never been away from your dog, spending a night apart can help to introduce the idea to your dog that you may be gone for a while, but then you come back. This can be a good way to prepare your dog for the upcoming boarding session. Try these tips if your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

Try Doggy Daycare First

Bringing your dog in to Bed & Biscuit for a day of doggy daycare is a great way to introduce your dog to the facility and staff. When your dog comes for doggy daycare, he has a chance to get accustomed to the idea of being away from you and to being in a new place. When your dog later comes for boarding, he will find himself in a place which he is already accustomed to, making his transition a little easier.

Leave Your Dog Well-Prepared

When you drop your dog off for boarding, make sure that he’s well-prepared. Leave him with plenty of food, any medication that he needs, and a few toys. You might also want to leave your dog with an old shirt that smells like you.

Remember Your Dog Is In Great Hands

Finally, remember that your dog will be in great hands during his stay. You’ve done your research, introduced your dog to the facility and staff, and have left your dog with everything that he needs during his stay. You’ve set your dog up for success, and now you need to do your best to enjoy your time away, whether you’re headed off on vacation or for a business trip. Your dog will be well cared for and you can bet that he’ll be excited to see you when you return.

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