Dog Health Insurance: Should You Enroll Your Dog?

Dog X-RayIf your dog has ever had a medical issue, then you know how quickly veterinary bills can add up, especially in an emergency. If you’ve ever had to dig into your savings to pay for your dog’s medical care, you may have been wishing that your pet was insured.

Dog health or medical insurance can make medical emergencies less painful for your finances. From unexpected surgeries to expensive medical treatments and therapies, dog health insurance may mean the difference between being able to afford veterinary treatment and not. Even if you have significant savings put aside for any veterinary services that might be needed, having dog health insurance can reduce the overall costs that you pay during your pet’s lifetime.

Most dog health insurance offers a premium based on the dog’s age, breed, and existing health conditions. You pay the monthly premium and have the peace of mind that you will have financial assistance in the case of a dog health emergency. These tips will help you to navigate enrolling your dog for insurance.

Shop Around

The insurance plans available for your dog vary widely in terms of cost, the payout options they offer, the services that are covered, and the deductible that you will be responsible for. Take the time to shop for different plans from a variety of companies. Compare the pros and cons of each plan to find the plans that are right for you and your dog.

Fully Understand the Plans

One of the most important parts of shopping for insurance is to make sure that you fully understand the plan that you will be signing up for. If you have questions or don’t understand a part of the plan, call the company to discuss your questions. Be sure that you receive a good answer that removes any confusion before you agree to sign up for the plan.

Read Reviews of the Plans

If you have found a few plans that might work for you and your dog, a quick Google search can give you some insight into how well the plans may work. See if you can find reviews from other dog owners who have used the same plan. Did the insurance company pay promptly? Were there loopholes in the plan that the owner only discovered when making a claim?

Subscribe to a Reputable Company

In addition to researching the individual plans, take some time to look into the companies that are offering each plan. You will want to hold a policy with a company that is reputable and has been in business for years – working with a well-established company generally means that you can easily find out if the company has a good reputation. With a little research you can learn whether the company is one that you would like to work with.

No one can see the future, and creating a financial plan for veterinary services is just one aspect of preparing for the future with your dog. Having good insurance coverage can make a serious dog health issue more financially manageable, but only you can decide if the investment is worth it in your situation.

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