How to Cool Down Your Dog in the Summer


Is the summertime heat getting to your dog? Just like humans, dogs can overheat, and they may not feel well if the temperatures climb too high. Here are some great ways that you can cool your dog down in the summer, keeping him comfortable.

Let Your Dog Play in the Sprinkler

Is your dog full of energy, but you’re worried about him getting too hot? Set up a sprinkler in your yard and let your dog play in the water. Many dogs have a great time trying to “catch” the sprinkler spray, and the water can help to keep your dog from getting too hot as he plays. Just be sure to have a towel ready to dry your dog off before he comes back in the house.

Give Your Dog Frozen Treats

A frozen treat is a great way to help your dog cool down on a hot day. You can buy ready-made treats in some grocery stores as well as in many pet stores, but you can also make your own. Be sure to check out our blog about how you can make your dog healthy, frozen summertime treats.

Take Your Dog Out in the Evening

It’s best to avoid taking your dog outside during the middle of the day, when the temperatures are at the highest. If you have to take your dog outside, then make outings short, and be sure to avoid hot pavement which can burn your dog’s paws.  If the back of your hand can’t stand the pavement, neither can your dog’s paws. Try to take your dog out in the early mornings or the early evenings when the weather is cooler – you and your dog will stay cooler as a result.

Take Your Dog Swimming

Want to cool down your dog and have a great time? Take your dog swimming. Many dogs love to swim, so bring along some floating toys that you can throw into the water for your dog to fetch. Be sure to only take your dog to ponds or beaches where dogs are permitted, and always be prepared to clean up after your dog.

Keep Your Dog in an Air-Conditioned Room

Sometimes nothing beats air conditioning when you need to cool down. If you and your dog are feeling the heat, settle down in an air conditioned room with your dog.

Need a way to keep your dog cool when you’re not at home? Then give us a call – we’d be happy to have your dog join our doggy daycare, so he gets care and attention when you’re not available.

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