How to Dog Proof Your Home

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Your home should be a place where your entire family can relax safely – and that includes your dog. Dog proofing your home is an essential safety step you should take when you own a dog, but good dog proofing can also help to keep your dog from damaging items which are important to you. Here are some great tips to help you dog proof your home.

Secure Toxic Items

The most important step to take when dog proofing your home is to go through your entire home to make sure that any toxic items are secured out of your dog’s reach. This includes cleaning products, rodent control products, and food, such as chocolate. Make sure that you also secure the garbage so that your dog cannot access it – eating garbage can cause severe digestive upset for dogs and can even poison them.

Monitor Children’s Toys Carefully

If you have children in your home, then you’ll need to carefully monitor your dog when he is in the room with toys. A dog can easily confuse a toy, like a stuffed animal, for one of his own toys. Small toys can also become choking hazards for your dog. If your children have a playroom, then put up a gate to keep your dog out of the room.

Close Off Rooms

As you dog proof your home, you may find that it’s easiest to close off a few rooms from your dog’s access. If you choose to close off rooms, make sure that the doors latch securely and that everyone in your house understands that the rooms are off-limits to your dog. You may also wish to use pet gates to cordon off rooms, like the living room, when you do not want your dog to be able to access them.

Supervise and Train Your Dog

Even once you’ve dog proofed your home, it’s still important to supervise and train your dog. You can teach your dog how to behave properly in your home and can discourage negative behaviors like chewing on furniture or going potty inside.

Use a Crate

While you can take many measures to dog proof your home, there’s still no guarantee that your dog won’t get into trouble while you’re not home. Consider leaving your dog in his crate whenever you have to leave the house. Put a comfortable dog bed into the crate, and teach your dog that this is a secure, comfortable place for him to be.

While it takes a bit of effort, dog proofing your home can help both your dog and your family to live together agreeably. If you need help in training your dog to behave in your home, then give us a call – our trainerswould be happy to help you and your dog.

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