How to Ensure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise During the Summer

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Summer can be an exceptionally busy time, full of outings, events, and even the occasional vacation. Plus, the temperatures climb continuously upward, which means that taking your dog for a walk may not always be the most appealing thing to do. But your dog still needs exercise, no matter how hot it gets. Here are some ways you can keep your dog exercised this summer.

Take Your Dog Swimming

Taking your dog swimming is a great way to help him get enough exercise on a hot summer day. Many dogs enjoy swimming, but make sure that you head to a pond or beach which allows dogs. For extra fun, bring along a floating toy that you can toss into the water for a fun game of fetch.

Set Up a Kiddie Pool

Don’t have a pond nearby? You can set up a kiddie pool for your dog in the comfort of your backyard. Fill the pool with cool water and let your dog enjoy the water. Your dog may enjoy running and jumping into the pool, especially if you encourage him by throwing some toys in first.

Play in the Sprinkler

Need to water the grass? You can multitask and turn it into exercise for your dog, too. Set up your sprinkler – rotating sprinklers are best – or grab the hose and let your dog run into the water. By leaping up and trying to catch the water in his mouth, your dog will get exercise while staying cool at the same time.

Play Fetch

Fetch is a fun game which is accessible year-round. Toss a ball or other toy for your dog to retrieve in the yard. Just be sure to monitor your dog for signs that he is getting warm or tired, like excessive panting or fatigue. Once your game of fetch is done, bring your dog into the air-conditioned house and give him some water to drink.

Carefully Time Your Walks

You don’t have to rule out walking completely during the summer. Carefully timing your outings can help you to walk your dog when it’s coolest out. Try walking your dog either early in the morning or in the early evening, when the sun isn’t out and temperatures are lower. Just don’t forget to bring along a flashlight and some reflective material so that you can see and be seen.

Not around during the day? Consider enrolling your dog in doggy daycare so that he gets plenty of exercise while you’re at work.

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