New Years Resolutions You Can Make With Your Dog

Mans best friend

A new year is fast approaching as we struggle to decide on a New Year’s resolution. Resolving to become more active and healthy or to quit smoking are great ideas, but I challenge you to become more creative this coming year. Our dogs are such an intricate part of our lives by giving us that much-needed burst of tenacity on the rough days and unconditional love daily. They’re truly our best friend and confidant. Why on earth wouldn’t we incorporate them into our resolutions! Therefore, I ask you what New Year’s resolutions can you make with YOUR dog?

Health and active lifestyles are important factors for everyone, including our dogs. That “couch potato” mentality is an express ticket to obesity. Along with a host of other undesirable ailments. Sound too much like “work”? It doesn’t have to be! Try making a resolution to spend more quality time with your pet relaxing together. But leave the distracting tech devices at home! Daily, take an hour or so to go for a walk or jog with your dog. Bring their favorite tug rope, Frisbee or ball along to play with. The exercise and mental down time is a great way to unwind from a stressful day and refocus your mind into a good place with a grateful pup.

A resolution to get timely check-ups, vaccinations, grooming and eating less junk are equally great for the both of you. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day living, taking for granted the little things that make up a healthy lifestyle. Veterinary checkups and vaccinations are important. Likewise, an appointment for a good grooming provides a refreshing bath, nail trimming, cleaning of their ears and teeth and is like a day at the spa for us. Our dogs love to be pampered, too!

Try to realize that being active with your dog isn’t limited to walks, fetch or tug-a-war though, learn something new! Call us about taking a course to teach your dog tricks. Alternatively, taking a canine agility coursecan include benefits like providing exercise, discipline and stimulation to name a few. Teamwork and improving communication skills between you and your furry friend are also learned. Learning new tricks aren’t just for dogs!

Maybe you want to get out more but you’re just not sure where to go or what to do that accepts dogs. I find BringFido is an EXCELLENT source to help with this problem. Socializing with your four-legged best friend is a rewarding resolution for the both of you to build social skills, confidence, and provide bonding time. Exploring new hot spots and activities in the area is healthy fun for both of you!

Finally, New Year’s resolutions need not be ordinary or feel like work. Some positive activity and pampering goes a long way to feeling accomplished and rejuvenated. Just be creative and have fun with it! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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