What Can I Share With My Dog At Thanksgiving: Table Scraps 101

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Families country-wide come together every Thanksgiving to give thanks by cooking tasty feasts and delectable treats. But what about our dogs? They are part of the family too! Dogs love table scraps, and Thanksgiving dinner is no exception to this rule. Those sad begging eyes will melt your heart like a hot knife through butter. Before you know it, they’ve stolen your plate. Of course, let’s be honest here, there are always those side dishes that you politely take as little as possible because you detest them. Inconspicuously, they disappear under the table to the family four-legged drool factory to gobble up. Are those Thanksgiving table scraps good for our canine friends?  This beckons a crash course in, “What Can I Share With My Dog At Thanksgiving: Table Scraps 101”. Brushing up on your table scrap skills will enable you to spoil your pooch with confidence.

Keeping It Simple

Typical dinner plates  are piled high with; turkey or ham, stuffing, potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. These yummy dishes seem harmless to our dogs, but let’s look closer using this “keep it simple” rule of thumb. Keeping it simple translates to bland. You see, dogs don’t require seasonings, sweets, and or rich fatty foods to please their tastes buds.

Many seasonings used at Thanksgiving can prove to be fatally toxic to dogs like; nutmeg, onion, allspice, pepper, pumpkin spice, garlic and thyme. Note that Cinnamon, cloves, sage, and rosemary are safe when used in moderation.

Avoid the ham due to it’s high salt and fat content, but skinless turkey is a treat rich in protein. Boiled turkey giblets strained from grease are heaven to dogs. Never give them turkey bones and necks because they can splinter, cause choking, obstruction and perforate the intestines.


Mashed and Sweet Potatoes, as harmless as they seem, contain harmful ingredients that should be avoided. These include onion, garlic, gravy, marshmallows and dairy. Soy milk is arguably not recommended for dogs.

Green beans by themselves are fine your dog, but hold the green bean casserole;  It contains onions and mushrooms. Notably, if you have your dog on a grain-free diet you should avoid the corn altogether.

Did Someone Say Pie?

Pumpkin and sweet potatoes by themselves are nutritious for dogs. Baked into pies, however, makes them unacceptable due to the seasonings, nuts, and sugars. If you want your dog to enjoy dessert with the holidays, make them a batch of Xylitol-free peanut butter cookies. All other types of nuts can be toxic to dogs.

Good Stuff

Avoid implementing the 4-legged ‘dish washer’. Rest assured there are plenty of table scraps our pooch can have! Fresh vegetables and fruits from the cutting board like carrots, cucumbers, raw potatoes, apples, and blueberries – just to name a few – are a treat. Always avoid sugars or starches. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not in there. When in doubt, simply omit feeding the item. Just as it is for us, moderation is key!

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