Great Dog and Owner Halloween Costume Ideas

Puppy wearing crown in front of mirror.

Halloween is right around the corner. If you and your dog will be going trick-or-treating or heading to a Halloween party, then it’s time to start thinking about costume ideas for you and your dog!

When it comes to choosing or designing a costume for your dog, remember, simpler is better. The more basic the costume, the better a chance that your dog will accept wearing it. We’ve come up with a few easy costume ideas that will have your dog looking great.


It’s easy to transform any dog into a lion. Create a lion mane in the color of your dog’s fur by sewing felt or yarn to a spare collar. Put the collar on and you’re good to go. You can go as a lion tamer by dressing in khaki and carrying a fake whip.

Bride and Groom

Transforming your dog into a bride or groom is easy. A dog going as a groom can wear a tie and a black cape or cloak. A dog going as a bride can wear a veil. You can go as the opposite of your dog by wearing a suit or an old bridal gown.


Superheroes are great costumes that are easy to pull off, because they’re so simple – just buy or create a superhero cape for your dog. And because of the tons of store-bought human superhero costumes available, you can easily go as a pair.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter continues to be a popular Halloween costume, and your dog can easily partake in the fun! All it takes is a scarf around his neck, some plastic costume glasses without lenses, and a black cape. You can go as another character – these costumes are easy but effective.

Still looking for inspiration? Then head to your nearest pet store – there are tons of fun store-bought outfits that might be perfect for your dog.

Steps for Success

It’s important to start introducing the costume to your dog early on so that you can train your dog to accept and be comfortable with the costume. Let him sniff and inspect the costume, then slowly put a piece of it on him. Let him wear it for a minute, then take the costume off. Repeat this process daily so that your dog has a chance to get accustomed to the costume before adding in the excitement and distractions of Halloween night.

Finally, remember to keep safety in mind when choosing a costume for your pet. Look for costumes which can easily be taken off in case your dog gets tangled up or starts to panic. Never choose a costume which will obscure your dog’s vision or which needs to be placed over his nose or mouth.

If your dog simply isn’t comfortable wearing a costume, or if he is stressed by the activities, then take the costume off and allow him to relax somewhere quiet. Some dogs just don’t like to wear costumes, and it’s important to have your dog’s wellbeing in mind.

Have a happy and safe Halloween with your dog!

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