Great Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season With Your Dog

Miniature Pinscher dog wearing red bowtie sitting against red background.

The holiday season is here. Do you have fun events planned? Will your dog be participating? There are many great ways to celebrate the holiday season with your dog. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Take Christmas Card Photos With Your Dog

If you’ll be setting up a photo shoot to create your Christmas cards, then make sure to include your dog in the shot. Try to schedule the shoot for a time when your dog is relaxed, such as after having a meal or returning home from a walk.

Take a Walk to Look at Christmas Lights

Love looking at Christmas lights? Bring your dog along for a walk to take in the sights in your neighborhood. Make sure that both you and your dog are visible during your stroll. Wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight. You can also outfit your dog with a reflective vest or collar, or a light on his leash. And don’t forget to bring along some bags to clean up after your dog.

Have a Special Family Dinner

The holidays bring plenty of opportunities to have special family dinners. If you decide to have a special dinner with your family, remember that feeding your dog table scraps isn’t a good idea, especially since there are many of holiday foods which are poisonous to dogs. Instead, buy some gourmet dog treats ahead of time or have another special treat prepared just for your dog so that he can take part in the meal safely.

Get Your Dog Presents to Open On Christmas

Opening presents on Christmas is a great family tradition that your dog can also participate in. Buy some fun dog toys or other of the dog gifts listed here ahead of time and wrap them up for Christmas. Your dog may enjoy opening the toys himself- just watch closely to make sure that he doesn’t eat any of the Christmas paper. You might want to take tags or other wrapping off of the toys ahead of time so that your dog can get right to playing once they’re unwrapped.

Get Together With Friends and Their Dogs for a Holiday Stroll

Schedule a special outing with your friends and their dogs. Make sure that all of the dogs are on leashes, and head out for a holiday stroll. Be sure to bring along a camera to capture the memory.

To get your dog looking extra-special for holiday activities, give us a call and schedule a dog bathing appointment.


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