New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

The New Year is nearly upon us – are you still looking for ideas for New Year’s resolutions? We have some great ones for dog owners, and even some ways that you can include your dog in your resolution.

dogs in party hatsParticipate More Fully in Your Dog’s Training

Working with your dog on his training is an excellent way to develop your relationship with your dog. It’s important that you are an active member of the training process, since handing your dog off to a trainer will teach the dog to obey and respect the trainer, but that doesn’t always translate back to your dog obeying and respecting you. Whether you are beginning basic training with your dog or want to train him in something more specific, like agility, training your dog is an excellent way to improve your relationship.

Get Your Dog to His Vet Appointment on Time

Your dog’s annual veterinary appointment is an important tool in keeping your dog healthy. Make it your resolution to get him to his annual appointment on time – doing so will make your dog’s veterinarian and staff appreciative. During your dog’s annual vet appointment, the vet will assess your dog’s physical condition and can advise you on whether your dog is at a healthy weight. Your dog will receive any vaccines that he may need and you will have the chance to discuss any concerns you have with the veterinarian.

Keep Your Dog Active

Resolving to keep your dog active is a great resolution, especially because to complete it you will have to stay active, too. Physical activity is important for your dog’s mental and physical health, so make sure that he gets plenty of time outside during 2015. If your own New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, bringing your dog with you on walks and runs can make accomplishing that goal more enjoyable.

Enjoy Time With Your Dog More

Sadly, the time that we have with our dogs is limited. Make it your resolution to appreciate and enjoy every day that you are lucky enough to spend with your dog. Have new adventures together. Spend time playing, and spend time relaxing. Explore new places and try new things. Go for long car rides (as long as your dog likes car rides), and take the time to appreciate the countless ways that your dog makes your life better.

Will you be putting any of these New Year’s resolutions to work this year? We wish you and your dog a wonderful 2015.


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