Reasons Why Your Dog Is Thankful For You

Family Walking Dog Through Winter Woodland

Now is a time to be thankful for all of the great things in our lives! According to your dog, there’s a very great thing that his life centers around – and that’s you! Let’s take a look at why your dog is thankful to have you in his life this year.

You’re a Great Pillow

There’s no better pillow than a human’s lap or feet, and your dog is convinced of that! During nap times, your purpose is to keep him comfortable.

You Slip Him Treats

Let’s face it, your dog often sees you as a human treat dispenser. He’s thankful that you know which treats he likes best, and that you can make his day SO much better by slipping him a treat every now and again. Your dog sees you as the source of all things good – treats included.

You Train Him

Training your dog is important so that he can peacefully exist in your home. Your dog is thankful of the fact that you took the time and dedication necessary to train him about how to be a good family member. He loves your home and is proud to be apart of your family.

You Give Great Belly Rubs

If you ask your dog, there’s nothing better than a belly rub, and there’s no one who gives better belly rubs than you do. You can be certain that any dog is thankful for great belly rubs!

You Feed Him

For your dog, you are the one who provides him with all of his meals. This makes you #1 in his heart, always. Every time you feed him a meal, you’re reminded of how grateful he is to have you (and his food) in his life.

You Throw the Tennis Ball Again. And Again.

Your dog is certainly thankful for you because you play with him. He loves the fact that you have endless patience and are willing to throw the tennis ball repeatedly.

You Always Come Back Home

Most of all, your dog is thankful for the fact that you always come back home. Whether you put him at dog boarding facility for a week while you’re away, or if you leave for the day to go to work, your dog knows that ultimately, you will come back, just like you always do.

Your dog is thankful to be a member of your family! What other things do you think your dog is thankful for this year?

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